Morning barn report

We had a storm over night with a mix of snow, sleet and rain so the walk to barn was a challenge.  I carried out a bucket of hot water to thaw out the water faucet in the barn.  Sweetie had killed a second rat.  She left the remains for me next to a hay bale.  It was one big fat rat.  Celia and Elizabeth milked a gallon combined.  It is my impression that Celia’s milk is starting to diminish as her pregnancy progresses.  I should be able to milk her through February but may not need to with all of the others in lacatation.  Elizabeth’s milk should be increasing but hasn’t.  I put Henry in with the borders but he showed no interest whatsoever in them.  I am pretty sure they are all bred.  The rest of the girls are due at the end of this week.  I am thinking about how to juggle the stalls if all of them give birth at the same time, probably divide them by families and how they get along after giving birth.  The borders don’t go home until next weekend.  It should be interesting.  Lucy, Bambi, Josephine, Penelope and Sophie are all big and round.  Their backsides have gotten swollen and loose but no sign of any discharge yet.  Their udders are starting to bag up.  When I opened the door, the ducks burst out of the chicken house with no concern about the weather.  I had broken the ice out of their water dish (an old sled) and they raced over for their morning bath.  The chickens were more hesitant to leave the shelter of the chicken house but a few brave ones ventured out by the time I headed back to the house.  With the weather, I kept all of the goats and the donkey in the barn.  I’ll need to check their hay and water midday.


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