The barter

When I ordered my Indian Runner ducklings last spring, they came with five “males for warmth.”  They grew into five spectatular roosters: an aracuna, a turkin, a silver cochin, a green, white and black cochin and a gold cochin that the kids appropriately named Goldie.   

Add these five to my three flock roosters and you can I understand I had too many roosters.  At the end of last summer, I posted on freecycle trying to give them away.  I successfully gave away the aracuna and in the process brought in two milk customers.  My mechanic took the silver cochin to keep a hen company.  The turkin went into the freezer because he was ravaging my hens.  The remaining cochins had a reprieve because they were mild mannered.  But last month Goldie started ravaging the hens to the point that some of them were hiding in the barn.  My neighbor had too many pullets (an order of 50 from McMurry’s) and needed a rooster.  I bartered Goldie for five pullets who should start laying in February.  I think I got the better deal but so does my neighbor.  That’s a good barter.


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