Morning barn report

It is cold and windy this morning, low teens.  There is an icy crust on the snow and when I walked the dog every footstep broke through making it a long difficult dog walk.  Despite the cold, the chicken house and barn were comfortable and draft free.  No babies yet but everyone is clearly getting ready.  Henry spent the night with the borders and still shows no interest in them.  If they were not successfully bred at the beginning of the month, they should come into heat again this week.  Only two eggs from the Indian Runners (usually 4) and one from the brown duck that I stashed under the broody black silky as an experiment.  No chicken eggs (usually 4 or 5 in the morning and 3 or 4 during day).  Between Celia and Elizabeth, I got a gallon of milk (1 quart from Elizabeth last night).  There is four gallons of milk in the fridge as well as several dozen eggs.  It is time to call my goat share and egg customers.  I kept everyone inside for a second day because of the wind.  Later I may put Henry and the borders, Celia and Elizabeth out later with Bianci the donkey and split up the pregnant ones inside so they have more space.

Some of my farm to do list today and this week:

1. Now that the smoked pig meat has come back, calculate the cost per pound for the pigs

2. Make bluebery jam for the farm Xmas baskets

3. Order cheese culture from Dairy Connection

4. Plan my cheesemaking for 2008

5. Tattoo does from 2006

6. Register does from 2006 online with ADGA

7. E-mail support for the goat notebook about how to upgrade without losing my data

8. Start researching Schedule F for 2007 tax filing

9. Make pickled beets from beets in root cellar for farm Xmas baskets

10. Call goat milk share customers for milk pick-up Dolores coming at 4 pm tomorrow for 2 gallons!

11. Plan run to Middletown to deliver garden soil sample to Cornell Cooperative for testing

12. Start sketching out plan for farming for 2008

13. Write about borders, pig calculations for blog


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