Morning barn report

I was wide awake at 4 am so I figured I better head out to the barn to check on the new babies and make sure there wasn’t any new ones overnight.  Last I put a large dog crate with a blanket over it into the pen so they would have an additional draft free environment.  I found Moo toasty and warm inside and Lexi curled up and less warm outside.  I helped them to nurse off Penelope and praised her for standing for them.  Both had nice round bellies when I finished so they are getting food.  The pregnant does were all still big and pregnant and none of them show any signs of labor.  I will check them and the new babies every two hours today.

I went back to the house, ran Sam off leash and made coffee.  Daniel got up at 5:30 am and we went back to the barn to milk and feed and water animals.  The dark brown boer cross came back into heat late yesterday afternoon and it was clear this morning that Henry had had his way with her repeatedly.  I hope it takes this time and that the other two borders don’t come back into heat.  The Indian Runners laid four eggs and I found one chicken egg.  Celia and Elizabeth gave just under a gallon of milk.

Once it gets light, I am putting Henry, Bianci, the borders, Celia and Elizabeth outside.  Although cold, it supposed to be sunny today.  It was sixteen degrees when I went out but it is supposed to ge to the mid-thirties.

I expect some farm visitors today to see the new babies and one of my goat share milk customers is coming late in the day for two gallons of milk and to see the babies. 


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