Nate & Obelix

Nate & Obelix
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Josephine, Penelope’s twin sister, had two bucklings early this morning. I went out a 5 am and found them damp and shivering. She hadn’t even licked them off. Not very good mothering skills. I wrapped them up, stashed them in the crate and headed back to the house to wake up Gabe and Daniel for their help. Nate, the one with a black face, weighed 9 pounds. Obelix, the one with the brown face, weighed 11 pounds. Obelix was voraciously hungry so I stripped a four ounces out of Josephine who wasn’t letting them near her udder. Oblelix took right to the bottle and tried to drink it all. I saved half for Nate who half heartedly sucked on the bottle. The boys then each took a buckling and warmed them up in their coats. The new babies fell sound asleep with the milk in their bellies and the warmth. Later, I put Josephine on the milking stand and took turns holding the bucklings so they could nurse off her udder directly. She didn’t have much milk yet but they both sucked vigorously. I really want to avoid bottle feeding this year so I will keep up this method.


3 Responses to “Nate & Obelix”

  1. Robin Says:

    They’re adorable! I don’t think there’s anything as fun on a farm as kids.

  2. amity Says:


  3. edgwickfarm Says:

    Gabe selected it from a french comic strip he reads Asterix. Obelix is Asterix’s best friend.

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