End of day

Ok, I am tired and nursing the end of a cold but I am thrilled with my nine new kids, seven arriving today.  

Two minor health issues, Persephone has a bend forelock that she is putting weight on instead of her hoof.  I have written my dairy goat 911 list serv group for advice.  And poor Josephine has a rock hard udder, congested.  My medical books recommend massage and putting the kids on her often.  I’ve been doing that every two hours today.  She won’t let them nurse freely so I put her on the milk stand and put one on one side and one on the other and try to keep them from falling off the milk stand.  Thank goodness they are vigorous eater and can find the udder easily.  Penelope’s girls are dainty little eaters unlike these two boys but Penelope is very gentle with them and lets them nurse freely.  She is a much better mother than her sister.

 One doe left this week, Sophie who is Bambi’s daughter from two years ago.  She had one baby last year and was a good mother, taking care of her baby and letting her nurse freely.  She’s huge this year.  Will she have twins or like her mother, triplets?  I think I may find her with babies in the morning or she’ll give birth some time during the day.

 My best goat share customer came by late morning and took three gallons of milk and a dozen eggs.  She visited the barn with her two little girls and was thrilled to cuddle the babies.

My boys were delightfully engaged with the birthing process.  They loved coming to the barn at 5 am with me and when they got home from school and found five more babies, they cuddled each and debated names.  Gabe called Karen and read her the “Q” section from the baby name book.  Daniel named Persephone.  In social studies, he is studying the greeks and is fascinated with the mythology.  When I went out to do my last barn check, Gabe came along and cuddled each baby and said good night.  This is a big part of why I farm.

 The neatest thing about handing the babies as much as we do from birth is you walk into the pen and they greet you with the cutest little nickers and wagging their little tails.  Better than dogs!


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