End of day barn report

I’m just in from milking and getting everyone settled for the night.  This morning I got over two gallons and tonight I got a half gallon.  This is good, given that the babies are feeding full time and I am just taking the leftovers.  Plus it is the very beginning of lacatation and the volume will greatly increase.   I made two batches of chevre last night that are now draining in my root cellar.  I’ll package them up either later or in the morning.  I have a long list of people waiting for cheese.  I also had a few calls about shares of goat milk.  If milk doesn’t get picked up over the next few days, I’ll make more cheese.

All ten baby goats are full of vim and vigor, climbing and bouncing around.  The kids and I try to handle them several times a day so when you open the pen door they look up and wag their tails and come right over.  I had several families visit today and have several booked for Monday as well.  There is nothing as cute as goat kids! 

The young girl from Cornwall-on-Hudson, Fiona, who is petitioning the village to get a goat (farm animals are prohibited) called me and she is coming to visit the farm on Monday as well.  She has some very unique ideas about what she wants to do to meet the Village’s strict requirements, very different than anything I do here on the farm.  I look forward to talking to her.

I finally made two batches of blueberry jam which are intended to go in my Xmas baskets.  Given that I haven’t even started assembling them, I think friends and family will be getting them  around the New Year!  But the kids are headed to Long Island to visit their Meme so I will assemble her basket later for them to deliver tomorrow.

I hadn’t been getting blue eggs for a few days and found a secreted nest in the hay feeder so today’s count is larger than normal, 9 chicken eggs and 5 duck eggs.  I have run out of empty egg cartons.  I boiled up a bunch of duck eggs for egg salad sandwiches this weekend but I have a big basket of chicken eggs on the counter until I get some cartons scrounged up.

Our first ham from our pig is in the oven for a late dinner (we were at the movies and I got it into the oven only at 4:30 pm).  The pork chops from the same pig were incredible.  I can’t wait to try the hickory smoked ham!


One Response to “End of day barn report”

  1. amity Says:

    I wish I were closer….would love to try some cheese!

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