Christmas Eve Musings

A delightful day on the farm. 

The baby goats are bouncing everywhere.  I took them out of their different pens and grouped them together in the hallway between the stalls.  They all met for the first time.  First they smelled each other and then they explored.  Then they ran, bounced, climbed and corkscrewed.  Incredibly adorable.

We had many visitors to see the babies.  Fiona who desperately wants a goat of her own came to do research.  She asked me questions from the moment we met until we got into the barn.  At the sight of the babies, she was speechless and awed by them.  If the Village does not grant her petition, I told her father I could board a goat for her.  Karen who was so much a part of the busy kidding week, finally brought her husband and sons to meet everyone.  Jake who is four and almost never quiet, found the baby goat he named Quinty and cuddled him quietly.  Zach also found the baby goat he named Samus but also made sure to hold every single other baby goat.  Karen decided that Persephone should go to live with her neighbor who is thinking of getting a goat to keep his horses company.  At the end of the day, one of my real estate clients, Joe McLaine, a professor from West Point, came with his mother and father who had goats long ago in Colorado.  All of them asked me a million questions about what I do and why, cuddled the babies and watched them bounce, and when I worked through my milking chores, each took a turn milking.

I used this morning”s milk to make chevre (I used a gallon and a half and put a quart in the fridge for drinking, Celia was pissy this morning and kicked half the bucket over).  I have four gallons sitting on the top shelf waiting for milk share pick-up.  I’ll use tomorrow’s milk as well for cheese, not to mention the coming days since the kids are heading to visit their aunt and cousin in Boston.  I better order more chevre cheese starter asap! 

I took the babcon to Key Food’s deli to have it sliced.  Because I have an inside friend there, they did it for free!  Tomorrow we will have our first bacon with the traditional french toast.

 So it is Christmas eve…the kids are wild with anticipation.  The animals are all tucked in and asleep.  I am very thankful to have this little farm of mine.  I do alot of other things with my life but this is something that feeds my soul.


2 Responses to “Christmas Eve Musings”

  1. jan Says:

    Sounds like you had a wonderful day!

  2. Karen Says:

    The kids had GREAT fun!
    The site of Jacob quietly doing anything is amazing, so seeing him with Quinty is lovely. Zach on the other hand bounced around as much as the babies!

    I was very happy to have gotten the chance to bond with Daniel during the Kidding. The excitement in his and Gabe’s eyes was priceless!

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