End of the day barn report

Cold, cold, cold….9 degrees when I headed out this morning, low teens all day, temperature dropping again tonight.  This is the coldest it has been all year.  I kept the goats and donkey in the barn for the day.  I opened the chicken door and the ducks ventured out while the chickens mostly stayed in.  The water faucet in the barn was frozen but I was able to thaw it with warm water every time I went out to check the animals.  All the pens but one have heated water buckets so no worries about them freezing.  More difficult to keep them filled and the animals from messing in them.  The baby goats puffed their fur out with the lower temperatures but otherwise seemed fine with the weather.  The cold has caused the milk supply to drop some.  I got one and a half gallons this morning.  I had a goat share customer come for four gallons so my refrigerator is finally empty of milk!  Four duck eggs and eight chicken eggs for the day.  I weighed the baby goats at their two week point and identified who was growing slower and may need supplemental milk from one of the other does (I’ll blog another time on their actual weights and growth; I have been weighing them weekly)  All of the babies are nibbling hay and grain and their horn buds are starting to poke through the thick hair on their heads.  I had an inquiry for four of the doelings yesterday.  With the cold, I did the last bit of winterizing, stuffing the eaves in the chicken hsoue with empty grain bags and banking the barn door inside and out with straw bales.  Karen stopped by in the late afternoon and remarked that the barn felt nice and warm.  For the nightly milking, I put Nate and Obelix on Lucy since Josephine’s milk was down and Persephone, the smallest triplet, on Elizabeth.  That left a little milk for my barn cat, Sweetie, and none for the humans.  I’ll get plenty soon enough in the morning.


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