Morning barn report

Bitter cold again but temperatures will be rising in coming days, with 50s expected next week.  The barn faucet was frozen solid and I was unable to thaw it.  I had left 5 buckets of water in the barn overnight and I was able to break the ice and pour them into the heated buckets in stalls.  I will have to lug water mid morning but maybe not in the afternoon since it will warm up to the 30s.  Two cup shy of two gallons of milk.  Two chicken eggs, four duck eggs.  Henry and Bianci are already outside and midmorning I will put the does out and the babies together inside to play.  I am thinking about the following farm related things I need to do today (I really need to devote the majority of my time to other things..Ha!)  The goats don’t like the Tractor Supply grain.  I need to spend some time sourcing out another feed store that is less than an hour away.  I have shared enough milk and cheese and sold enough eggs to buy grain this weekend.  I am hoping to finally run the pig calculations today and blog about it.  I have cheese draining in the root cellar to salt and package.  I would like to do some record keeping in The Goat Notebook, especially the babies’ weight gain (and blog about it).  I need to e-mail terms to David Mercer about the doelings he is interested in.  He and I traditionally barter but I need cash for the babies for next winter’s hay supply.  I would dearly love to drive around town and pick up Xmas trees from the curb for the animals to nibble on but that is low on my priorities.  I would also like to pick up more of the abandoned straw bales at this summers farmer’s market but they are soaked and frozen and I would need some muscle with me to accomplish that.


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