Morning Barn Report

Barn chores completed between 6 and 7 am, one and a half gallons, 4 chicken eggs, 4 duck eggs.

It is very warm for this time of year, balmy and windy, drizzly on and off, 60 degrees.  The ground is very squishy and soft. 

Henry and Bianci are out in the open shed and winter pen, everyone else is inside.  I have to travel out of town for the day to go to the law library at the government seat and I feel safer with the does and babies inside. 

Except for Celia who is penned separately, all of the does had almost been nursed dry when I got to milking.  That means Josephine who wouldn’t stand for Nate and Obelix unless I put her on the milking stand is letting her babies nurse. Yippee!  Less work for me.  And who knows who Elizabeth is feeding, probably all five babies in her pen.  The baby goats are all three weeks old tomorrow and doing terrific.  If the weight gain is good when I weigh tomorrow, I will start separating the babies and does overnight to increase my milk supply.

Thinking alot about my turkey plans, talking to Karen and Phil about bartering a turkey shed, picking Robin’s brain.  The turkeys are pricy from McMurry’s and I have to get a minimum of 15, more than I had wanted to try the first year.

I was very happy to find out that Robin will have Gloucestershire Old Spot gilts this spring and litters next year.  I hope to get two breeding quality gilts and a boar maybe from her or somewhere else in 2009.  If all goes well, I will do piglets for the freezer with Karen and Phil in late spring.


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