Morning barn report

I wake up every morning at 5 am on the dot.  I have a routine I move through pretty regularly.  I boot up my laptop on my bed and head down to turn on my coffee.  While the coffee is brewing I check my voicemails (I have a friend who leaves me one every night).  With a cup of coffee I head back to bed and read e-mail and check blogs.  Then I open my calendar and plan my day.  Barn clothes and then walk Sam the perimeter of the property, picking up the newspaper on the way back.  Yesterday and this morning, a planet brightly shown over Sackett Ridge and the big dipper was directly overhead.  Back at the house, the kids are usually waking up and having breakfast.  I ready the milking equipment, pour another cup of coffee and head to the barn, usually by 6 am.  I am back at the house before 7 am to get Daniel off to school.

This morning a gallon and a half of milk, 5 duck eggs, no chicken eggs.  Mild, 37 degrees, up to 50s midday so I put everyone out…Henry, Bianci, all the does, all the babies.  I am expecting a goat share customer to pick up 4 gallons this afternoon and I have two egg deliveries.


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