Morning barn report

So much for ten inches of snow overnight…more like and inch and a half of snow that stuck to everything. Emma’s private school was cancelled. The boys, much to their great disappointment, merely had a two hour delay.

The goats were skittish, knocking doors down, running around like nutcakes. On the milk stand they refused to eat their usual grain and kicked at me. Is it the change in weather? Are they picking up on my emotional state?

One gallon, one quart and one cup of milk. Four chicken eggs, five duck eggs. With the weather, keeping the goats and donkey inside. Opened the chicken house and the ducks blasted out.

With the school delay, the boys and I made our first snowmen of the season!


2 Responses to “Morning barn report”

  1. Ourbrokenheart Says:

    Has the brown duck decided that it’s a ‘Duck’ now? Last I heard, it was a Chicken.

  2. edgwickfarm Says:

    Yes, she has finally bonded with the Indian Runners.

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