Late Morning Barn Report

This morning I had a bit of a scare when I arrived in the barnyard.  Shivering in the dark, in front of the closed up chicken house, was one of my barred rock pullets.  What was she doing out?  I opened the chicken door and gently shooed her in.  I walked towards the barn and realized I better check on the other pullets.  Looking inside the chicken house, I realized the other four pullets were missing.  Somehow, last night, when I closed up the chicken house, they were hiding somewhere else in the dark.

When I first got my chicken flock, I would religiously count them every night.  But because the numbers varied so dramatically between getting chickens off freecycle and deaths by various predators and illnesses, I stopped counting.  I religiously close the birds in, not because of the cold but because of nighttime predators.

I grabbed a flash light from the barn and checked the areas the pullets usually hang out in the day time.  Nothing!  I was heartsick at the thought of losing the new layers.  Why doesn’t this happen to the old nonlaying hens?  Even though it was still dark, I opened up the chicken house and let the ducks and chickens out, hoping it might lure the pullets out of hiding.

I took care of the goats and donkey, haying, graining and watering.  Then I went back to check the chicken house.  Another pullet was there!  Three more to go…

I milked and headed back to the house.  After Daniel was on the bus, I checked again and found the Aracuna pullet and another Barred Rock one.  One left…

Three more checks before and after getting Emma and Gabe off on the bus, nothing!

Finally at ten am, when headed back to the barn to put goats, baby goats and donkey out, I found the last pullet in the chicken house.  I am going to have to add to my nightly routine to confirm the pullets are in the chicken hosue when I close up and do a quick walk around the barn area to make sure.

One and a half gallons of milk.  Five chicken eggs and five ducks eggs.

The baby goats got their first taste of snow and were delighted with it.  I took lots of pictures and will post some of them.  I also took a clip and will try to post it on You Tube.


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