Morning barn report

Today it is cloudy and chilly, high 20s.  Because of the cold and because I am too lazy to fix the mangled fence, everyone is staying in unless it gets sunny and warmer.  One gallon, one quart, one cup of goat’s milk.  Five chicken eggs, five duck eggs.  I need empty egg cartons.  The eggs are piling up on my counter!  I also need to give some duck eggs away.  Wish I had a market for those!  Nate is the only one I have to feed on his mother on the milk stand.  Everyone else is nursing independently and some of theme are helping themselves to whoever they can.  Nate probably doesn’t even need it but he cries pathetically if I don’t do it.   I have an egg delivery today and I have to do my weekly baby goat weighing.  There are plenty of other farm tasks I’d rather do today as well but I have some personal matters I must attend to first.


One Response to “Morning barn report”

  1. pocomoonshine Says:

    I like reading your blog Tee. I wish I had a quarter of your ambition. Wish I was there for supper last night. Everything looked yummy!!!!!

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