Morning barn report

Snow and ice overnight brought a two hour school delay for the kids, the second time this week.  Once again they are frustrated school has not been cancelled all together.  The weather is mild and there is mixed precipitation.  Bright sunshine and forty degree temperatures are predicted for this afternoon.  

I need to restock on grain.  I am thinking of doing a road trip today to New Paltz to a different feed store that carries Purina Mills goat feed.  While I enjoy Tractor Supply’s prices and supply, the goats, especially this week, despise the Dumor goat feed.  If I was a paranoid person, I might suspect someone peed in it or something.  My dairy goat list serv recommends you avoid pelleted feed altogether because the grain companies can hide all sorts of things in it.  If I go this morning, I can keep the animals in while I am gone and get everyone outside into the sunshine this afternoon.

I need to call my goat share person and find out when she is coming today.  One gallon, one quart and one cup of goat’s milk from this morning’s milking.  Four gallons set aside for her and plenty of milk for the family for the day.

The chickens outdid the ducks this morning, six chicken eggs, five duck eggs.  I found a hen dead in the chicken house.  She had been bleeding out her backside last week but recovered.  She looked poorly yesterday so I wasn’t surprised.  I need to get my chicken and turkey order in to McMurry’s or Ideal Poultry.

I also need to do some hoove trimming before I put the goats out.

I got an e-mail from the man who boarded his nubian boer crosses for breeding to Henry last December.  He wants four doelings (to breed) and three or four bucklings (to eat).  That would leave me with two or three baby goats, too few to sell to a middle man or the auction.  I toyed again with keeping Persephone.  I think I will offer him a lower price to take all ten of the baby goats but slightly higher than I would get from the middle man and slightly lower than I would get at auction.  He also asked about timing.  I think I could wean them and have them ready by March 1st.  He wants to come see them as well but I want to dicker by e-mail first.


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