Morning barn report

Goat babies at 7 weeks

Originally uploaded by edgwickfarm

Out to the barn at 6:30 am with temperatures at 28 degress and frozen ground below my feet. As I write, it is lightly snowing but it is expected to turn to mixed precipitation this afternoon.

One gallon and one quart of milk. The little buggers are taking it all at this point and Celia’s milk continues to diminish. Time and wean the babies and dry Celia off.

Five duck eggs, two chicken eggs.

The donkey and big goats all went out and all of the babies are penned together in the big stall. If I get the solid fence up next to the side of the electric fence that faces the barn, I will put the babies out and train them to the electric fence. Once I have done that I can start separating them at night and do a big milking in the morning.


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