Red tailed hawk

Edited hawk

Originally uploaded by edgwickfarm

I just went out to the chicken house to gather eggs. I picked up another duck egg and three chickens eggs. The crows were going nuts and when I walked into the back pasture to check, I saw an enormous red tailed hawk. It flew off when I approached the tree.

Red tailed hawks have reduced my free range chicken flock on a regular basis. This time of year, when there is no cover, they just sit up in the trees and pick out who they want for lunch. I feed the crows who do a good job of alerting me they are there and even running them off sometimes.

If I ever get around to ordering this year’s chicks, I intend to try speckled sussex. I have heard that their coloring helps to camoflage them from red tailed hawks. I hope this is true.


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