End of day barn report

Today’s weather was much the same as yesterdays.  Below freezing in the early morning, forties during the day, alternating sun and clouds.   By Sunday, cold temperatures are supposed to return, low teens. 

The baby goats went out with the herd for a second day and did very well.  I let the ducks and the roosters out but kept the laying hens locked in the chicken house.  I had hoped to capture more eggs but only came up with five for the day.  This is way down from my usual count.  I am planning to keep them in again tomorrow to see if the count is better.  I have two broody hens and since I have an overload of duck eggs, I put three Indian Runner eggs and one egg from the brown duck which would hatch a cross under one of the hens.  It should be an interesting experiment.

Of course, I got lots more milk with the babies separated for the night although not as much as I had hoped.  Three gallons and 1 cup.  Several of the goats were clearly holding their milk after they milked out about a quart.  After a few days, the let down should kick in automatically.  When I washed Lucy’s udder with a warm cloth, her udder started shooting milk as if I had opened a faucet.  After filtering the milk, I cultured it with chevre starter.


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