Bird order

After much thinking and procrastination, I placed my bird order with McMurray Hatchery. 

During the week of March 31st, I have 25 speckled sussex female chicks and 10 cornish cross males arriving via U.S. Mail.  Also included for two of my friends are 15 buff orpington female chicks and 3 rhode island red, 3 new hampshire red and 3 speckled sussex, all femaile chicks.  I just hope we will be able to tell them apart to divy them up!  I had considered and decided against another 25 female laying chicks to sell as pullets.  I have had at least five people calling me looking to buy laying hens so I figure there is a market.  But I decided it would be too much to take on with the tukey experiment.

During the week of April 21st, I have 15 straight run narragansett turkey poults arriving by U.S. Mail.  This was the minimum order required and a bit more than I wanted to start my experiment with.  I figure I’ll keep a breeding pair or more and put five in my freezer and try to sell the rest at Thanksgiving time.


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