Monday morning barn report

Warm wet weather.  It is fifty seven degrees right now.  It rained all night although it is clearing now.  The snow will be completely gone within a couple of hours.  I can see a patch of very green chives outside my window.

Two and a half gallons of milk this morning.  I did not milk Celia at all.  I kept everyone in because it was raining at 6 am.  The babies in their pen, Celia and Elizabeth together, Henry in with Bambi, Lucy, Penelope, Josephine and Sophia who are all in heat and Bianci by herself.

Four duck eggs and no chicken eggs.

With all the extra milk, it is time to experiment with some new cheese recipes.  This morning, using the recipe and instructions from Fiasco Farm, I made feta from the fresh milk.  It is now hanging in the root cellar.  Tomorrow I harden it and then brine it to age for four weeks.  So I won’t really know how it comes out until near the end of March.  The beginning part was easy.  I had to stay near to the kitchen for four hours but I did alot of house chores in between.  I may start several batches this week to hone my skills.

I am making a grain run this morning.  When I get back, I’ll put everyone outside if the weather has held.

I am going to Florida for Easter weekend with the children and my father to visit my brother and his family.  Stella and Adam will be taking care of the farm for me.  It has been a long time since I have had a vacation like this.


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