Saturday morning barn report

According to the newspaper, the snow storm that hit yesterday was the biggest one yet this winter.  It didn’t seem like it to me.  We ended up with 8 to 10 inches of light puffy snow.

I walked into a disaster area in the barn this morning.  Sex crazed Henry had broken down the door to his pen, letting Bianci loose with him.  Surpisingly he didn’t get into the grain, although Bianci did trample the hay bales a bit.  What he did do is try to break into the doe pen from the door area, scattering the bags of bedding piled nearby, and break through their window area, putting a big hole in the chicken wire with his horns and trampling all of the stuff piled in front the window, which included a bag of lime.  What a mess!  I have a couple hours clean-up to fit into an already overscheduled day!

Three gallons of milk.  Filtered it and cultured it with chevre culture.  Three duck eggs that I added to the last broody hen.  Now I have three broody hens, each on nine eggs.  No chicken eggs, although I got three at the end of yesterday.  I have decided to put my egg customers on hold.  I barely have enough eggs for the family.

Henry bred Elizabeth and Josephine first thing.  I had thought he bred Elizabeth last month but I guess not.  I cannot wait for this heat cycle to pass because Henry is completely nuts.


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