Weekly barn report

Delilah has been going to the barn with me for the morning and evening milkings and everyone is slowly adjusting to each other.  With the baby goats gone, I have been overwhelmed with milk.  I made lots of chevre and feta and riccotta but this week I burned out and dumped the milk several days in a row.  I have to plan better next fall and make sure I have piglets!  I have three broody hens still sitting on duck eggs but I have lower expectations for more ducklings.  Time will tell.  The two ducklings in the house are adorable as can be and so personable.  They will make great pets.  The new pullets are finally laying and I have been getting cute little eggs from them.  At the end of next week and into the begining of the following week, the children and I are going on a much needed vacation to Florida with my father.  My friends Stella and Adam are going to milk and care for the farm animals while I am gone.


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