Monday barn report

Peepers again today and bluebirds exploring the bluebird box on my pear tree.

Two and a half gallons of goat milk in the morning that I made into chevre.  Evening milk went right to the chickens.  Five chicken eggs, four ducks eggs. 

And a surprise this morning, a new duckling, almost out of the egg.  I scooped it up and brought it into the house.  It burst right out of its egg in front of Gabe.  It was tiny next to the other week old ducklings.  It showed how dramatically they grow.  The older ducklings taught it to drink and eat and cuddled up with it.  I hope I get some more ducklings!

 End of the day, I planted my St.  Paddy’s peas.


2 Responses to “Monday barn report”

  1. jan Says:

    Oh my the duckling will think he is a Gabeling.

  2. ourbrokenheart Says:

    Awwwww, how cute the baby looks next to the older ones. Love the Gabeling refrence…!

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