Wednesday morning barn report

Spring is definitely here!  A loud chorus of peepers this morning, purple crocuses here and there, grass turning green.  

During the last week, I eliminated the evening milking which has slightly increased the amount in the morning and decreased the total overall.  It has certainly made evening chores easier.  Three gallons of milk this morning that I immediately started as feta at 730 am.  It is now 1030 am and I am about to drain it and let it hang in the root cellar.  Tomorrow I will cut it up and salt it and let it harden for two or three days and then into a brine for four weeks.  It will be sufficiently aged during the first week in May.  I have a batch to brine next and a batch to salt and cut up.  More on feta later, especially the taste testers reports.

Three duck eggs and two chicken eggs.  Ducklings doing well in barn stall.  Chicks in basement doing well (more on the arrival of my McMurry’s order later.)

Lots of farm work ahead.  Need to update my to do list.


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