Saturday morning barn report

This morning while I was sipping my coffee and waking up, I brainstormed and made a running list of all the farm chores swirling in my mind to get started on this spring or finish from this winter (or maybe last year…ha!).  Later this afternoon, I hope to review it with a close friend who is visiting and transfer it to my to do list here as well as my datebook.

This brainstorming had me lingering in bed so Sam and I walked the property at around 7 am.  I have been picking deer ticks off all morning so I will need to put Frontline on the dogs and cats this weekend.  Grass is getting greener and the daffodils are budding up.  It’s been a partly cloudy partly sunny day so far with temperatures in the fifties.

Out to the barn at almost 8 am.  Two gallons and a little more from the goats.  Two ducks eggs.  And two blue chicken eggs stashed in the barn.  The goats were very happy to get outside after being kept in yesterday.  It was even mild enough to put the ducklings outside in their own shelter and pen.  The big Indian Runners immediately came over to say hi to their offspring.  Ducks are so social!

I immediatley cultured this morning’s milk  for chevre and set it in the overn until tomorrow morning.  I drained the drying feta and put one in brine to age for four weeks.  The other batch needs one more day to harden.  I have several batches of feta ready in the root cellar.

My friend Vinnie who is also my small animal vet and sometimes large animal vet reported that Pipsqueak renamed Sala is very happy with her chickens.  Ironically once I rehome one rooster, I get offered two more!  I have been offered a four month house raised silkie rooster who needs a home and he comes with a four month old pullet.  I am concerned that these two spoiled rotten chickens (washed and dryed with a hair dryer weekly?) will be shocked at becoming free range chickens on my farm and not do well.  The other rooster I have been offered is a nasty New Hampshire red who has been confined and is beating up his hens to bloody pulps.  He may adjust to free range living but if he causes any problems, right into the freezer!   His owner is going to try freecycle first and if that is unsuccessful, drop him off here.


One Response to “Saturday morning barn report”

  1. leafless Says:

    I guess it’s just another day at the farm.

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