I am lucky enough to be a second generation farmer.  I learned to milk when I was very young, amongst many other farming tasks (I can remember picking potato bugs into a jar for a penny each).  I have always cared for farm animals and tended the earth from my earliest conscious moment.  It has not always been consistent but it has been a constant.  I am hoping my children will be third generation farmers.  Time will tell.  They have many other competeing interests now but they will come back to it in time.

The quality of the food is what drives me the most.  I started to say it is my love of animals but I am a meat eater and some animals I raise die because of me and are eaten by my family so I think that is second but a strong force nevertheless.  But I am only an adequate, maybe even  just passable cook.  I have been lucky to befriend some people who are amazing cooks and appreciate my product.  It is funny to see how we all fit ourselves together in this chain of food, farming, life.

Farming is my passion for sure.


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