Stone Barns – Swine School

Stone Barns

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Today I attended an all day program on pastured pigs at the Stone Barns Educational Center (and day 2 is tomorrow!).

I had always wanted to check the facility out and the private tour we got alone was well worth the conference price It was a real high end set-up. Goes to show you what you can do with a wealthy market, a restaurant you custom grow for and nearly bottomless Rockefeller trust funds.

But the program was fantastic with great speakers from across the country and Europe. Lots of crucial information!

And the folks that attended were from all over as well, although mostly from the East Coast and most were doing what I think and dream about doing. I handed out all my farm business cards and networked like crazy.

More pictures to come!


One Response to “Stone Barns – Swine School”

  1. Papa Says:

    I hear ya on the bottomless funds thing. People will be forced to buy locally before long. The transport cost will be too high. Keep on truckin’.

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