Thursday morning barn report

Spring has sprung and all the trees are putting out leaves and the apple and cherry trees in full blossom.  A little more than a week ago, it was just the forsythia and then suddenly everything but the lilacs.  It happens so fast.

This morning Willy had finally found his way to Celia’s udder and fed himself.  I had been bottle feeding him from birth and milking Celia out to build up the supply.  This will make it easier.

Two and a half gallons of goat milk which I made right into chevre.  This included Celia’s milk.  Three ducks eggs put aside for Cornwall Elementary to incubate and hatch.  I should have seven to eight chicken eggs by early afternoon.  I have three egg orders to deliver.

The Narragansett turkey poults came this morning!  They are in the basement brooder right now.  They are tiny as the chicks that came last month.  I have to watch them closely today to make sure they adjust okay.  They were very expensive, $8.85 each!

The speckled sussex chicks have been going outside during the day in a wire enclosure and in the barn at nigh.  They are very energetic and fly all around.  The meat chicks are big fat blobs.  As soon as they feather out they will only be fed twice a day and encouraged to free range the rest of the day.

I sold the Indian Runner ducklings through Craigs List and now have a waiting list for some of the ducklings that will be hatched in the classrooms throughout Cornwall.

Willy also may be sold.  I need to follow up today with the potential buyer.  He wants him castrated so I have to look for the elastrator I think my mom gave me.  If I can’t find it, I need to order one asap.

I have done NO gardening other than watch the St. Patrick’s day peas grow.  It has been unusually dry and there has been forest and brush fires.  Rain maybe this weekend so I’ll plant then.  I have jealously read about my mother and Aunt jean and Robin’s efforts in their gardens and greenhouses.


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