Tuesday barn report

Gabe got up at 5:45 am for the second morning in the row to help me in the barn.  He lets the chickens and ducks out, spreads the scratch, carries the turkey pouts from the barn pen to the outside pen, lets the pullets out, runs the goats out to the pasture and sweeps the floor.  I told him if he kept it up, I would increase his allowance!

Milking only Celia and getting between a half gallon and three quarters.  Her milk had been terrible for the first month but it finally improving.  Emma has been very sensitive to the flavor and is now outright rejecting it.  That is going to have to change!  A growing fourteen year old girl needs her raw milk!

Getting almost a dozen chicken eggs a day and one duck egg.  I have a regular duck egg customer who patiently waits for me to collect a dozen.  Once the pullets start laying at the end of the summer, the egg business should really increase.

Rain is supposed to come tonight and tomorrow so I plan to plant seeds in the garden this morning and then muck as much as I can stand it.  Those are the priorities but there is always more than enought to do on the farm.


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