Wednesday barn report

Rain finally came in the night and continues now.  It is supposed to stop midday.  With the rain, I kept the goats and turkey poults in the barn and the ducklings and chicks in the basement brooders.  When the rain clears, everyone will go out.  I let the chickens, ducks and pullets out when I was walking Sam.  They don’t mind the rain.  Last night I got 22 of the pullets closed up under the truck cap but one stubborn opne wouldn’t go in and wouldn’t let me catch her so she stayed out for the night.  I was happy to see her still alive this morning.  Our predator population is high so I was worried about her.

I got a message that POG is ready to pick up.  I have to call and make arrangements, probably for Monday.  I need to get him a companion as well.  I should try to move Willy out this weekend.  Ahhh, the juggling of limited pens.

I planted all day yesterday and planted all but one bed inside my big garden fence and almost all of the side garden.  A second planting of radishes, mixed lettuce and bush beans.  First planting of cucumber, zucchini and yellow squash.  In the side garden, three kinds of pumpkins: Jack Be Little, pie and jack o’ lantern, jarradale squash, acorn squash and butternut.  I have four raised beds still available in the side garden and then I have the whole back garden which is desperate for weeding at this point.  I have also toyed with planting pumpkins and squash on the old manure pile that the pigs broke up so nicely last fall.  It is a shame to let all that rich soil smothered in weeds.

I harvested radishes and brought them to Karen and Phil.  We are experimenting with a garden share this year.  I am planting extra in the garden of my most successful crops and sharing it with them and we will barter something back yet to be determined. 

I have lots of fresh dill weed to harvest before it flowers.  Any recipe suggestions?  I may just chop it fine and freeze it fresh.

I have avoided mucking for two days.  Today I must do at least a truckload if not more.  I also need to trim turkey wings again since one flew out of the pen last night when I was trying to catch it.

Soon I need to move the pullets into the chicken house and the turkeys to under the truck cap at night.  That will free up a pen for POG and his companion.  But I dread the nightly catching of the pullets to train them to the chicken house; they are such wild things.  But luckily they learn where they sleep at night rather quickly.


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