Multiflora Rose

Multiflora Rose

Originally uploaded by edgwickfarm

In April or thereabouts, the flowers bloom with a burst of color. First the forsythia, even before the trees have started leafing and by the time the forsythia is ending, the lilacs are blooming. The color is sometimes overwhelming and it seems like everything is going at once.

Then there is a lull when everything is turning intensely green. And then the flowers that smell wonderful bloom. First the mock orange and then the multiflora. I feel like I am walking through a perfume store; everything smells so good! There is no color but my nose is very happy.


One Response to “Multiflora Rose”

  1. Kip Says:

    There’s a growing literature suggesting that “invasive” plants are not ecologically harmful, and in many cases contribute to biodiversity on the landscape level. USDA, which classifies the plant as invasive, hasn’t caught on yet, especially since they are concerned with protecting mono-crop agriculture and not biodiversity.

    These plants delight. That’s what’s important on Edgewick Farm. 🙂


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