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This is what my poults should grow up to look like. Gabe and I clipped both their wings but they still flew out of their pen. Hmmmm. Tonight after Gabe and I moved the pullets into the chicken house (2nd night now but what a chore to catch them!), we put the poults under the truck cap for the first night. If they learn to go in the cap at night, I can start letting them free range during the day. The last two mornings when I walked Sam at the crack of dawn, I found wild turkeys in the barn yard. I wonder if they will interreact?


One Response to “Narragansett”

  1. Robin Says:

    My turkeys did interact with the wilds through the pen fencing. There were four toms/jakes total. They did a lot of strutting and gobbling. I think if they could have gotten to each other they’d have fought.

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