Thursday end of day barn report

Ok, I finally made a small dent in the mucking.  After avoiding it for two days, I hit it hard this morning and managed to get one pen clean to the floor.  That took three very large truckloads of manure to the garden.  I extended it fifteen feet in the back, laying two inches of newspaper down over the japanese knotweed patches and then laying six inches of manure over that.  As I gather grass clippings and leaves from the community in the coming months, I will layer that as well, the “lasagna” method and hopefully plant the area next year or the year after.  Unfortunately, there are two black walnuts, beautiful but deadly, bordering that section.  Ugh!  Well, at the very least, I will have eliminated the japanese knotweed.  I expect I will be sore tomorrow but hope to muck more.  The weekend brings me a reprieve since I have loaned my farm truck to my father for the weekend.  I think I will be mucking for a while unless I get some help.

The garden is shaping up nicely.  This weekend I will need to stake some of the tomatoes, build more bean trellises and weed.  I can also mow with my small mower and collect the grass to mulch the garden.  If I am ambitious I can move composted wood chips to the paths by wheel barrel but it may make sense to wait for the truck’s return.  Of course, there is the last of the seeds to get into the ground as well.

Tomorrow the last of the incubater ducklings come home, somewhere between ten and fourteen.  I have lots of ducklings.  After they get a few weeks of growth, I will start contacting my waiting list.  The mystery chicks are looking like all roosters.  I think Jones Farm sexed them and kept the girls and pawned the boys off on me.  Oh well, they will make nice chicken dinners.

Served the family a fresh lettuce salad at dinner and everyone enjoyed it.  I love meandering down to the garden at suppertime and harvesting fresh food to eat.  That is living.


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