Cornell Cooperative Extension Rocks!

I just came home from 10 hours of vital education, lecturing and hands on, and networking at CCE Orange County’s 2008 Small Ruminant Seminar.  Cornell sent some of their “heavy hitters” Dr. Mary Smith , Dr. Mike Thonney, Dr. tatiana Stanton.  Lots of really strong marketing seminars with CCE folks and real life PR folks (I think we kind of freaked them out with our comments and questions).  And then they rolled out Eric Shelley, while not a doctor or a doctorate, the man had more knowledge in his right hand than 10 of us put together.  He first walked us thorugh the basics of butchering cuts via power point, then he took a carcass and showed us.  The last ten minutes he held up organs from the goat and identified 15 various conditions that might show up in the organs at butchering and what to look for and when it was ok to eat the meat and when it was not.  Invaluable knowledge!  I should write more.  And I have some pictures of Eric but I am exhausted right now.


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