Sunday evening barn report

Busy, busy, busy.

Farm customers have been in every day to see the new babies.  And spending money while they are here!

Making chevre again with the excess milk.

Heat making the chickens lay less much to my customers dismay.

Selling excess vegetables to the goats share and egg customers, not what I had expected.  Customers want me to band the turkeys so they can know which ones are theirs. (I’ll start taking deposits at the end of August, this has been a vast experiment and I wasn’t sure I would even have live turkey at this point.)  Not sure how to make this work on a various levels…

Blueberried last night and got a gallon after an hour.  I needed two, they are really coming in, but I got distracted into a lovely picnic and swim.  Black Rock Forest is a special place.  I am lucky to live in this place and have access to it.


One Response to “Sunday evening barn report”

  1. jan Says:

    Wow. These babies were big. And the blueberries …great. Mine are coming on as well and I was out back picking again.

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