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Everytime someone visits my farm and talks about how much they want to raise chickens and how simple I make it look, I warn them to be prepared for predators. The predator pressure here in this almost suburban community is unbelievbable. I have dealt with coyotes, foxes, raccoons, possums and red tail hawks.

This is the time of year when red tail hawks really go after my flock. The leaves are down and the birds are migrating through the area. I selected Speckled Sussex chicks this year because they are said to be more difficult for the hawks to spot.

I did a chicken census at the end of October which is on a side page. By the end of December I will do another and figure out my losses. I have estimated I lose 5% of my flock at this time of year to hawks. I know I lost one at least because I found these legs on the path behind the house to the oak tree. Likely a hawk killed the pullet and some other predator cleaned up the rest because these legs and chewed legs bones were all that was left.


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