Farmer’s wheel cheese with basil & garlic

Farmer’s wheel cheese with basil & garlic

Originally uploaded by edgwickfarm

I take one gallon of fresh raw goat’s milk and bring it to 200 degrees. I add between a third of a cup and three quarters of a cup of cider vinegar to make curds. If the curds and whey don’t immediately separate I add more vinegar. It should not look milky. Then I drain it in cheesecloth for a several minutes, gently rolling it back and forth to get the whey out. While it is still hot I mix it in a bowl with one half teaspoon of baking soda, one teaspoon sea salt, basil and garlic and three tablespoons of butter. I line my cheese press with cheesecloth and press it lightly for 20 minutes and then flip it over. I might press it on each side for another 20 minutes depending upon what I am doing. At this time of year, I chill it outside while I am pressing to help it firm up. Once it is cool and firm, I food save it and date it.


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