Friday Night Barn Report

The goats were happy to spend the day outside after being confined in the barn for two days because of the bitter cold weather.  The milk has diminished to just a half gallon in the morning and soon I will dry all the does off altogether.  I will miss the milk for the next month but enjoy the relief from the milking routine.   More time will mean more blog entries hopefully.

Celia is due in midFebruary and the rest will follow at various dates until April.  Everyone is rounding out with their pregnancies.

A surprise hay delivery last Tuesday filled my hay loft and I made amonster feed run while the driveway to the barn was clear.  I am prepped for the worse of the winter.  This unintended hay delivery was the best hay yet and the goats are eating it like crazy. 

The chickens are laying two dozen or so a day and the ducks five eggs every morning.   I have been supplying the local food coop.   The turkeys are breeding like crazy but no eggs yet.  Ordering an incubator is high on my list but I need to consult my farm mentors for suggestions.

Tonight Delilah herded the ducks into the chicken house for the first time.  I am so proud of her!   She is maturing into a fabulous farm dog.  I have been trying to teach her to watch for the red tail hawks and bark at them.  I have a feeling that will click in soon.  I just need her to look up and spot them.

We tasted my cheddar on Christmas and it was incredible.  I have six wheels aging in my small fridge and look forward too seeing whether the quality carries through.  I intend to make much more cheddar next year.

On New Year’s Eve, I got to watch a young vet treat a very expensive horse for colic.  It is a different world when you can get a vet on call to come to your barn on New Year’s Eve within 15 minutes of calling.  But that is the horse world.  I can’t  find a knowledgeable vet to work with me with my goats on a regular basis.  It was fascinating to watch her work and think about what could have been if I had followed that path.

The 2009 goals/planning are in the works and should be posted in the next few days.  The next chicken census is on the to do list today.


2 Responses to “Friday Night Barn Report”

  1. Robin Says:

    I love it! A barn report from YOU is exactly what I needed to perk me up this morning. I’ve missed you!

    You mom was up to check on me yesterday. It was good timing as I’m able to speak again. This is it. I’ve filled my illness quota for a few years.

  2. edgwickfarm Says:

    I am glad you are better! I asked my mom yesterday whether she had been by to see you and she was planning the visit. Remember to take it slow!

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