Tuesday Night Barn Report

Another storm is coming in, two to four inches of snow overnight and half an inch of ice tomorrow.

The does are all pregnant and ending their lactations.  This morning I was down to milking only two, getting about half a gallon of milk for the family.  With the pending storm, I actually bought my first half gallon of organic milk, just in case. 

Celia is due first and I noted that she was bred on September 20, 2008, giving her a due date of February 17, 2009.  However, I run Henry, my Boer buck with the girls so he could have bred her earlier but I think not.  Lucy is huge  and dried off weeks ago but I have a due date for her of early April.  I think she’ll give birth after Celia.  Josephine was bred November 14th so should give birth April 20th and she is still milking so I think that date is right.  I have no idea about Penelope, Sophie or Bambi.  Henry has repeatedly bred Elizabeth and she does not look pregnant at all so I think something is wrong there.  She aborted her last two pregnancies near the end.  And Elizabeth is acting like a buck, making that funny buck sound and mounting the girls.  I have to pose that scenario to my goat listserv for advice!  The young does have been house with my new Nubian buckling because of space issues (and Henry trying to kill him) and I have been hoping that he will be slow to mature.  Very high on my priority list in the spring is a secure fence to go with the new buck house.  The electric fence did not cut it during breeding season and Henry just leaped over it or walked through it to get to the herd.

The turkeys have been alternating between sleeping in the trees and sleeping in the chicken house, depending upon the weather.  I think one of the hens I kept is starting to lay because I have been finding a chicken size speckled egg in the chicken house for a couple of mornings.  The tom I kept is turning into quite the nasty guy, attacking me at every chance.  I am wondering if I should have kept a second Tom for him to compete with?


One Response to “Tuesday Night Barn Report”

  1. goatbarnwitch Says:

    Your bucky doe could be a hermaphrodite… I have had a few here and it is not uncommon… If she hasn’t freshened for a couple of years that is the most likely explaination. If this is the first year that this is happening she may be cystic and running a, more or less, continuous heat cycle that will not result in pregnancy. I hope that helps…. now let’s hope there isn’t too much ice 😉

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