Wednesday Barn Report

This morning when I headed out to do chores it was nine degrees outside.  Inside the barn it was 23 degrees.  I am happy with that.

The girls are all pregnant and resting from milking.  This is also supposed to be my period of rest but the frozen water pipes have me in  a weight lifting routine 3 times a day when I lug 5 gallon buckets of water up the hill for all of the animals. I am getting stronger and stronger.  Who needs a gym if you are a farmer???  This has been a tough winter.

When I harvested most of my toms at Thanksgiving and kept just one for the three remaining hens, I may have made a mistake (and of course, I am still learning so much about heritage breed turkeys any advice you can offer me would be immensely appreciated).  This guy is out to kill me.  My calves are covered with peck bruises.  I tried to intimidate him with my herding stick.  No, it makes him more aggressive.   I even knocked him unconscious the other day (and was horrified by my actions) and he woke up after 5 minutes and went right after me.  And yes, he broke my glasses too.  I am thankful he does not attack my children although there are certain other members of the household I would encourage him to attack but I will not discuss that here.  Tonight was the last straw.  When he went after me for the third or fourth time, I dumped a 5 gallon bucket over his head and put him in jail in the barn.  Free range is over for the next two or three months.  Of course, the turkey hens joined him.  They are now laying eggs, which I am tucking under the broody hens until the incubator arrives in the mail next week.  And Tom will be replaced by a couple of new males come spring.  But he has work to do between now and then and as long as the weather stays so miserable I do not feel so bad about jail for a while.


2 Responses to “Wednesday Barn Report”

  1. ourbrokenheart Says:

    Now I am sure you understand what we were going through over here! Both those male turkey’s were attacking everyone, and the more you chased them the meaner they got! I actually haven’t seen or heard them since the ‘turkey on the roof’ incident. Phil goes up to talk, but I am staying away, since I think I am still on the ‘evil ones’ list. Although my driveway is getting plowed, so I don’t care.
    Good luck with the ‘mean’ male.

  2. Robin Says:

    If a Bourbon Red tom would do for a year and we can figure out how to get him to you, you’re welcome to my almost two year old. He’s a proven breeder and he’s well tempered.

    We still have last year’s five poults. Two of the toms have the potential to become mean. They followed me too closely yesterday but backed off when I turned around. They have no respect for my dogs. I don’t want to kill them now because they’ll be fatty but it’s going to happen soon.

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