Finished blue vest

Finished blue vest 003

Originally uploaded by edgwickfarm

I went to the Cornwall Yarn Shop and bought pretty heart buttons, sewed them on at the shop and wore the vest all afternoon. I bought green tweed yarn for the next vest.


4 Responses to “Finished blue vest”

  1. jan Says:

    It’s really lovely. I need to learn how to make one.

  2. Beth Says:

    it’s beautiful. Can you link the pattern?

  3. edgwickfarm Says:

    I put a copy of the pattern in the mail to each of you. Beth, I sent it to Amity so you should bug her for it. I am working on a second one that will be a tweed green that I should have done by St. Patrick’s Day.

  4. Learning to knit « life lessons Says:

    […] backyard hens, home and family | Tags: hens, home arts, knitting |   My daughter made herself a beautiful wool vest. I admired it and told her I wanted one, too. She dutifully sent me the pattern, LOL.  Hint, hint, […]

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