Thursday Barn Report

This morning it was below zero again when I woke up.  The water in the barn was frozen, of course, so I had to lug bucket after bucket up the snowy hill.  At least it is sunny.  I put all the goats outside to enjoy it.  This has been a very long winter.  The weather better break some before the babies start coming.  With the cold, the eggs have slowed down.  I locked the turkeys in jail again in the barn because I heard word of mouth that Freddie had attacked a neighbor.  He will stay in confinement from now on until I have some replacement males and then he will make a very nice dinner.

I am going away for the next five days to Georgia.  It is the quietest time on the farm and the best time to escape.  Stella and Adam will be caring for the farm animals for me.  I am, of course, anxious to be leaving the farm and leaving the children and dogs but all are in capable hands.  I am thinking of leaving my laptop behind and bringing only books and knitting.  It is funny to be struggling over such a decision.  It is probably the biggest tool in my life but I want to slow down on this brief respite and be present to my circumstances.


One Response to “Thursday Barn Report”

  1. Mitch Says:


    This is one of my favourite blogs so never give up on the posts i am one of ur biggest fans being from australia ts hard to have a farm here exspecialy in this 46 degree heat arhhhh

    anyway thanks also love the report hope the kids come soon post pics
    thanks mitch

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