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Stella and Adam saved turkey eggs while I was away and my incubator arrived by mail. I set it up on February 11 with 13 tukey eggs and if all goes well I should have poults hatching on March 11.

It is a fancy digital incubator that plays a ring tone when it automatically turns the eggs. It maintains the temperature at a prest 99.5 degrees and the humidity at 55%. On day 25, I’ll turn off the turning function and increase the humidity to 75%.

On February 18, I’ll make my first attempt at candling to see if I have turkey embryos growing. I know Freddie was doing his job before but I haven’t seen much action with them penned up in the barn. If I can be sure he is fertilizing the eggs, I may try to sell the extra eggs on Craigs List.


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  1. edgwickfarm Says:

    Here is the source site of the incubator:

    It was rather expensive.

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