First Births of the Season

Anticipation started building over the weekend when Bambi started showing signs of getting ready to give birth.  The boys and I checked her regularly and I prepped a stall for kidding with fresh hay bedding.  Celia had a due date of February 17th and goats can go five days before their due date and five days after.  Each morning at five am, I popped awake and dashed to the barn to check if any kids had arrived from either of them.  Nothing!

Monday I kept both Celia and Bambi inside in the kidding pen and checked them every two hours.  Nothing!

Tuesday I put Bambi out with the rest of the goats and kept Celia in by herself.  By the end of the day, I was checking her every hour.  At 5 pm and 6 pm, I saw no signs.  At 7 pm, Gabe checked Celia and said nothing was going on.  At 8 pm, I put my pjs on and crawled into bed to read.  Gabe came to say good night and decided to check one more time.  Within a few minutes, he came hollering back to the house “BABY!” and Daniel dashed back to the barn with him.  I got my barn clothes on and a heavy wool sweater and a wool hat, grabbed the baby bag and headed up myself.

Gabe grabbed a towel and started drying off the new goat kid.

I checked it over (it was a buckling), cut its cord cleanly and fed it a couple of ounces of colostrum that I had quickly squeezed from Celia into a bottle. 


Celia started pushing out another kids so Gabe grabbed the kid and tucked him into his coat for a nap. 


Daniel and Gabe decided his name should be Harvey.

As an aside, I started naming the kids in alphabetical order a few years ago to track birth order each season.  Last kidding, we had left off with “G.”

Another buckling was born and Gabe handed Harvey off to Dan so he could help with the new one.  They decided this one would be called Ian.


I repeated the same routine with Ian and then Gabe grabbed him and  cuddled.

Harvey was awake again and starting to explore so Daniel laid in the hay by him.


Soon after we tucked the new babies in with their mom and headed back to the house to bed. 

Celia gave birth on her due date and had two healthy bucklings with no problems.  My boys enjoyed the process and reveled in the new goat babies.  It was a good day on the farm and the start of a new season.


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