Neglectful farmer

My practice of law has dragged me away from the farm and into the court room over the last few weeks (Hi Herbert! Hi David!).  I am lucky to have teenagers, some of whom love animals and some of whom love payment to cover for me.  I am also lucky that the next round of goat babies are not due until the end of next week.  I had a simple routine of care in place for the farm and was able to hand it over to others. 

I came home today from a day in court and found the turkey poults had flown out of their pen and had explored the basement for most of the day.  I have a turkey tractor on order which should arrive any day.  I need to move these little ones out onto the grass during the day.  They are very bored in the basement.

I delivered 18 fertile (hopefully) duck eggs to Butterhill for hatching in the classroom.  I have my second round of turkey eggs incubating.  I have five very pregnant goats.  Things will pop bigtime in April.

I was also lucky to have some help in last weekend for mucking, clean-up from the ice storm and yard work.  An amazing amount got done and I am hoping that I can have these guys come in once a week or so through the spring.  I need to improve my Spanish however.

I think the three bucklings will be gone for Easter.  I have a call to return to confirm their sale.  That will greatly increase the current milk supply and I can turn to spring cheesemaking.  I have five recipes down pat and would like to try a few new ones this season.

The two ducklings are feathering out and soon can join the duck flock.  They need to be moved out of the house too.

My heritage tomato seedlings are two inches high.  I need to start more.

Soon the forsythia will bloom and then everything pops and spring is here full force in Cornwall, New York.  This is the last of the winter lull.


One Response to “Neglectful farmer”

  1. Robin Says:

    It’s good to “see” you!

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