End of the Day

Back home after yet another full day in court,  after tearing off my lawyer suit and throwing on my barn clothes, in the dusk of early evening I rushed up to the hill to check on the farm which I had been away from all day and had left in the dawn of morning.  Usually my law work can be done from home or with brief jaunts away from the farm but this particular project has been taking me away for long days.  As I walked into the barn yard my breathing slowed and I felt myself relax. 

The ducklings peeped at me from their temporary outdoor pen and I saw that their down is slowly leaving for adult feathering.  Soon I can release them into the duck flock but not until I can be around to supervise.   I moved them into a pen in the barn for the evening for safety and they cuddled up to me as I carried them in, nibbling on my face.

The chickens and turkeys rushed at me looking for scraps from the kitchen.  I gathered a basketful of eggs from the chicken house, from nooks and crannies in the barn and from the woodland turkey nest where the hens have been laying but not sitting on their eggs.

I checked the goats in their winter pen and saw everyone was healthy and happy and no new babies had showed up in my absence.  I refreshed the waters in the interior barn stalls, filled the hay racks and prepped the evening grain feeding.  I let all the goats in except for Henry the meat buck and Bianci the guardian donkey who stay out in the outdoor shed all night.

With Delilah’s help, I shooed all the poultry into the chicken house and secured them for the night.

Farm chores done and I felt immensely satisfied.


One Response to “End of the Day”

  1. jan Says:

    Having a farm is very satisfying and I am glad you enjoy it!

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