Life Cycles Unit

New York State curriculum has a life cycle unit for 1st grade.  Teachers are encouraged to grow seeds, grow butterflies from caterpillers, hatch chicks to demonstrate life.  Teachers are looking for fertilized eggs.  I have them and I do not have enough incubation ability.   I get to have some fun in school and share my farm. This morning I delivered 24 fertilized duck eggs to Willow Elementary here in Cornwall.  Next week more are going to Cornwall-on-Hudson elementary, plus some turkey eggs.  Butterhill has duck eggs hatching tomorrow.  Montgomery school system has asked me to participate as well.  Everyone is bored with chicks and want to try the personable ducklings.  Baby ducks are sooooo much more fun.   This is one of the coolest part of farming.  I help the teachers and the teachers help me and the kids are amazed!  Instead of just my children getting the experience of a duckling cuddle and nibble, I am able to reach out so much further.  This is so important.  This experience takes the book learning about life cycles and makes it real.  Take my word, it is very easy to fall in love with a baby duck.


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