Summer vacation

I am off to Maine for five days for a much needed break and time with my large extended family.  We have rented cabins on a lake at Maine Wilderness Camps.  My friend Xuni came in from Oregon to take care of the farm while I am gone.  I promise a full update on the farm when I return.


2 Responses to “Summer vacation”

  1. Mitch Says:

    hi that would be Good
    We were wondering where you were when you havent posted for a while
    This is a very good blog
    I have left my blog slip a bit Shame i was enjoying it but i just havent had the time

    Have fun in Maine
    I am From australia
    And i have reliives in Iowa and NC
    My mothers side of the family are american

    Thanks for the blog keep it up

  2. Jerrine Says:

    Happy Birthday from your Aunt Jerrine. I remember when you were born and you were so sweet as a toddler. I wish we were closer. At least these blogs let me know what you’re up to. It seems like a wonderful farm life. Lots of Love Jerrine

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