Chicken conversation

This morning my furnace had its annual service by my oil delivery company.  A nice young man who had been here to fix a few problems last month did the service.  When the technician was packing up his tools, he mentioned he saw my incubator filled with eggs (I started another batch yesterday) and asked about keeping chickens.  He really wants to keep a few chickens in his fenced in backyard in Beacon for eggs but apparently there is a city ordinance against it.  He was shocked by the ordinance and couldn’t believe that he couldn’t raise his own food.  I told him a few stories I knew about raising chickens where there are laws against it.  I suggested he avoid getting a rooster and talk to his neighbors beforehand to prevent complaints being made.  Then we talked practicalities like the best way to confine them at night to protect against predators (he said he had seen raccoons in neighborhood trash cans) and where to buy feed.  I showed him the three day old chicks that hatched over the weekend.  He said the free range eggs he had bought when he lived elsewhere in the county were the best eggs he had ever eaten and he couldn’t stand store bought eggs anymore.  It was a great conversation and come spring, he will be coming to buy his chickens from me.


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